Bill Barthelmy, Senior R&D Instructional Technologist at Harvard University

Bill Barthelmy

Senior Technical Architect

Some people have a harder time than others deciding what they want to do when they grow up, and with an early love for programming, Bill naturally studied Germanic philology and second language acquisition. Read more...Read more about Bill Barthelmy

Brandon Bentley, Senior Instructional Technologist at Harvard University

Brandon Bentley

Senior Instructional Technologist

Brandon Bentley is a Senior Instructional Technologist for HUIT Academic Technology, where he partners with faculty utilizing technology to enhance teaching and learning in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Read more...Read more about Brandon Bentley

Jeff Emanuel, Associate Director of Academic Technology and CHS Fellow in Aegean Archaeology & Prehistory at Harvard University

Jeff Emanuel

Associate Director of Academic Technology
CHS Fellow in Aegean Archaeology & Prehistory

Jeff Emanuel leads the Academic Technology team oriented toward supporting technologies for teaching and learning throughout the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He has a passion for Technogogy -- effective pedagogy realized through the careful application of academic technologies -- and seeks to match appropriate solutions to problems in research and pedagogy through consultation, collaboration, creative problem solving, and technological development. … Read more about Jeff Emanuel

Kevin Guiney, Senior Instructional Technologist at Harvard University

Kevin Guiney

Senior Instructional Technologist

Kevin Guiney has a background in multimedia, animation and graphic design and has earned degrees from the University of Connecticut, Mt. Ida College, and Harvard University. Read more...… Read more about Kevin Guiney

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Daniel Jamous, Senior Instructional Technologist, Academic Technology for FAS

Daniel Jamous

Senior Instructional Technologist

A Senior Instructional Technologist at Harvard FAS since 2005, Daniel Jamous enjoys consulting with faculty and help them find suitable technological solutions to address their pedagogical goals, with a particular interest in educational approaches that promote multimedia, collaboration, and active learning. … Read more about Daniel Jamous

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Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller

Instructional Technologist

Rebecca Miller brings a strong academic background and diverse teaching repertoire to the Academic Technology Group's Instructional Design and Development team. Rebecca completed her Ph.D. in Classics from Harvard in 2015 and holds additional degrees in Classics from Oxford and Georgetown. Read more...Read more about Rebecca Miller

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Profile picture for Annie Rota
Photo credit: Kevin Donovan

Annie Rota

Director of Academic Technology

Annie Rota is Director of Academic Technology for Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences. She joined the group in 2005. Prior to Harvard, Annie worked in higher education publishing, and served as technical lead for Pearson Education's CourseCompass (at the time, the world's largest Blackboard system). She earned her undergraduate degree at Yale University, and has taught at Boston University's College of Communications.… Read more about Annie Rota

Deb Sears Photo

Deb Sears

Learning Spaces Instructional Technologist

Deb Sears is a learning spaces instructional technologist for the Academic Technology Group (ATG), where she is responsible for facilitating the use of technology-rich learning spaces in the FAS via expert consulting, support, and implementation. Read more...Read more about Deb Sears

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