What we do

Are you interested in trying new ways of teaching? The Academic Technology for FAS provides expert advice, consulting, training, development, and support including:

  • Multimedia teaching materials (course websites, interactive software and custom courseware, mobile software, digital video, podcasts, digital narratives, annotation)
  • Technology and classroom support for varied pedagogical models (e.g. online polling and response systems, lecture demonstrations, collaboration tools, learning space design, discussion forums, survey tools, e-portfolios)
  • Visualization and simulation tools (3D, biocomputation, mapping tools, timelines)

Academic Technology for FAS is part of Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT).

We're here to help

  • Encourage active learning and reflective practice in your classroom through use of flipped classroom techniques, polling and response systems, and electronic portfolios
  • Keep your class organized through a course website to support your teaching, including images and media, assignment dropboxes and quizzes, and tools for collaboration
  • Help students develop critical thinking skills through the use of annotation tools, mapping software, interactive timelines, and 3D visualization. 
  • Experiment with multimedia assignments, such as the creation of short video assignments or podcasts to complement written essays.
  • Give students a glimpse into your professional discipline through assignments based on software you use for research.
  • Foster team-based projects through use of online collaboration and communication tools.

Explore Supported Technologies to find ways that technology can help support and enhance your courses.

Our Services page describes our consulting, training, multimedia and software development offerings in detail.

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