Jeff Emanuel

Jeff Emanuel

Associate Director of Academic Technology
CHS Fellow in Aegean Archaeology & Prehistory
Co-founder, Harvard University Digital Scholarship Support Group
Jeff Emanuel, Associate Director of Academic Technology and CHS Fellow in Aegean Archaeology & Prehistory at Harvard University

Jeff Emanuel is Associate Director of Academic Technology and co-founder of the Harvard University Digital Scholarship Support Group. Academic Technology for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences is responsible for developing and supporting the implementation of digital tools and approaches to teaching, learning, and research in Harvard’s largest school. The Digital Scholarship Support Group is an organization that brings together Harvard faculty and staff with expertise in a host of technical, pedagogical, and subject-specific areas across disciplinary and divisional borders, to provide faculty, students, and staff interested in incorporating digital methods into their teaching and research with a single point of entry to the many resources available at Harvard​​​​​​.

Prior to joining the Academic Technology team, Jeff was a founding member of HarvardX, a presidential initiative in digital teaching, learning, and research at Harvard led by the office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning. First as the organization's inaugural HarvardX Fellow, and then as one of its two inaugural Senior Fellows, Jeff led in the design and development of online learning experiences and in the support of faculty innovation through integration of technology into teaching, learning, and research. 

Jeff's particular areas of interest are the humanities and the social and archaeological sciences, and the integration of digital teaching and research methods into these fields. He also holds an appointment as CHS Fellow in Aegean Archaeology and Prehistory at Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies, focusing on naval warfare and the development of maritime technology with a focus on the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean during the Late Bronze/Early Iron Age transition. His books include Black Ships and Sea Raiders: The Late Bronze–Early Iron Age Context of Odysseus' Second Cretan Lie (Lexington, 2017) and Naval Warfare and Maritime Conflict in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Mediterranean (Brill, 2020). 

Prior to coming to Harvard, where he conducted his graduate study in Social and Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology, Jeff studied Classical Archaeology at the University of Georgia, where he also served as a leadership fellow with the university's Center for International Trade and Security. He is a registered tribal member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and a Special Warfare veteran of the U.S. Air Force.


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Recent Papers and Publications (select examples)

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