Turning Technologies

Turning Technologies logoFall 2019 update: Turning Technologies clickers are no longer supported in the FAS. Instructors still eager to use this technology can contact Academic Technology for the FAS who can connect them with the vendor to discuss pricing and facilitate integration with Canvas.

To see how Turning Technologies compares with other supported Classroom Response Tools, visit the Classroom Participation and Polling page.

Academic Technology for FAS and Cabot Library partner to provide Turning Technologies clickers to FAS courses. If you are interested in using clickers in your course, please notify Academic Technology prior to the beginning of the semester in order to ensure there will be enough available clickers for your course.

Students in courses that are utilizing clickers will be able to check out a device from Cabot Library and keep it for the duration of the semester (unreturned clickers will result in a fee being charged to the student). We ask that, where possible, instructors wait until course selection period is over to direct their students to Cabot in order to guarantee that devices are only checked out by students who are officially enrolled in the course.

Turning Technologies clicker use and support is available at no cost to instructors. TurningPoint polling software can be downloaded directly from the Turning Technologies website and the necessary hardware (Radio Frequency receivers) can be obtained from Academic Technology. However, a license will be required if instructors intend to track their students’ responses over the semester.

Capabilities Limitations Use Cases
'Analog' solution for instructors who want to minimize their students' online distractions Desktop-based polling software Gauging students' understanding of concepts during class
Anonymous polling Hardware dependency (clickers and receiver) Gathering class demographic data
Physical clickers easy to use and durable Limited options for question types when using physical clickers Stimulating debates in class by asking opinion questions (anonymously if possible)
Integrates with Canvas Cost when tracking students’ responses (licenses) Tracking attendance

For support and assistance, please contact Academic Technology for FAS.