Learning Catalytics

Learning Catalytics is a web-based platform for managing the interactive classroom. Originally developed by the Mazur Group at Harvard and now owned by Pearson, it supports the peer instruction method of teaching, and can also be used to get real-time feedback during class. Faculty can engage students with questions about the material—with numerical, algebraic, textual, or graphical responses—and the platform can help group students for follow-up discussions and track their responses. 

Learning Catalytics is in use in courses at Harvard and several other schools.

Examples of Harvard FAS Courses Using Learning Catalytics

See links to course websites below (not a comprehensive list). Syllabi will often include information on how Learning Catalytics and peer instruction are used in class (including their contributions, if at all, to grading). Unless otherwise noted, most recent course offerings will have the most updated information. Note also that some of these course websites may be restricted.

Getting Started

  1. Contact Pearson at learningcatalytics@pearson.com to give an estimate of your enrollment and to get an access code for your students to use to create accounts
  2. Go to learningcatalytics.com, click Register, then indicate that you are an instructor and have an access code.