Learning Catalytics

To see how Learning Catalytics compares with other supported Classroom Response Tools, visit the Classroom Participation and Polling page.

Learning Catalytics is a web-based platform for managing the interactive classroom. Originally developed by the Mazur Group at Harvard and now owned by Pearson, it supports the peer instruction method of teaching, and can also be used to get real-time feedback during class. Faculty can engage students with questions about the material – with numerical, algebraic, textual, or graphical responses – and the platform can help group students for follow-up discussions and track their responses. 

Capabilities Limitations Use Cases
Wide range of question types available No integration with presentation software (PowerPoint) Gauging students' understanding of concepts during class
Anonymous polling No Canvas integration Gathering class demographic data
Advanced features to support peer-instruction and collaborative learning   Group-based discussion during class
Free for Harvard   Stimulating debates in class by asking opinion questions (anonymously if possible)
    Tracking attendance

For support and assistance, please contact Academic Technology for FAS. To get started with Learning Catalytics, follow the following steps:

  1. Contact Gina Mackey at Pearson to provide an enrollment estimate and to get an access code that will allow your students to create accounts
  2. Visit the Learning Catalytics page on the Pearson website, click Register, and provide your access code.