Zoom video conferencing for your FAS course

Zoom for Harvard FAS faculty, staff, and students, available via harvard.zoom.usZoom is en easy-to-use video-conferencing tool that offers a seamless experience for collaboration across mobile devices, desktops, and conference rooms.

Harvard's Zoom license enables instructors to utilize this video-conferencing tool in Canvas via LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability), a standard for securely connecting learning applications and tools with learning management systems like Canvas.

To activate your Harvard Zoom account, visit https://harvard.zoom.us.

For more information on Zoom, including frequently asked questions and guides to common tasks, visit the Zoom page in Harvard's IT Help portal.

Note: The current LTI configuration does not include automatic coordination with the Canvas Calendar or Canvas Announcements. Until this is updated, instructors should ensure they are communicating Zoom meetings to students via another means (e.g. the course emailer).


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