Jupyter Notebooks and RStudio with FAS OnDemand

FAS OnDemand gives students access to Jupyter Notebooks and Rstudio, and can be launched directly from Canvas. It is hosted by Harvard’s FAS Research Computing group (FAS RC) and collaboratively supported by both FAS RC and FAS Academic Technology.

To request FAS OnDemand for your course, please fill out one of the following forms:

Jupyter Notebooks Icon Request Jupyter Notebooks for your FAS course    RStudio icon Request RStudio for your FAS course

A typical FAS OnDemand Jupyter Notebooks installation comes with a Python 3 jupyter kernel and common data science packages such as numpy, scipy, seaborn, pandas, bokeh, and matplotlib, among others. 

An FAS OnDemand RStudio installation is available for R 4.0.0 and 3.6.3, and comes preinstalled with common packages such as ggplot2, corrplot, devtools, learnr, as well as the complete Tidyverse collection of R packages.

Custom configurations are also available based on the specific packages you need for your course.


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