Fall Technology Needs for Courses

July 15, 2021
Harvard University

As we all prepare for the return to in-person teaching, we're also preparing for higher-than-usual enrollment and increased needs for technology in courses. You can let us know early about plans for courses you're teaching or supporting this fall:

  • Lecture capture: request a classroom with lecture capture capabilities for courses that need it, especially those that will allow simultaneous enrollment. (Learn more about the classroom request timeline from the Registrar's Office.)
  • Merge Canvas sites: If you're teaching or supporting courses that need to share a single Canvas site, and didn't get your request in to the Registrar in time, please contact us to request the merge.
  • Course Innovation Funds: If your course development plans include new ways of using technology, please let us know early so we can help.
  • Explore other technologies: many of the tools that courses started using during remote teaching can also enrich on-campus teaching and learning, so we hope you'll explore our Supported Technologies as you prepare for the fall.
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