Plan Ahead for AV Needs

September 6, 2019
Image from the back of the newly-renovated Harvard Science Center Lecture Hall D

FAS courses can use all the readily-available classroom technology in most classrooms (including, but not limited to, projectors and speakers). In addition, courses can request lecture recordings (semester-long or individual sessions), teaching staff training, in-class support, loaner equipment, and other services.

  • Not sure how to connect your laptop, or whether the right connectors are available in your classroom? Make an appointment with Media and Technology Services (MTS) to try it out in advance to make sure your class session goes smoothly.
  • Need lectures captured? Request semester-long lecture capture during the first two weeks of the semester, or request self-service equipment at least one business day in advance to capture individual sessions.
You can help make sure that MTS can accommodate your needs by reaching out in advance, and by familiarizing yourself with the technology in your classrooms before you need to use it the first time. You can learn more about the technology available in each classroom in the Instructional Media Services Buildings and Rooms List, and learn more about MTS Services and Policies on the MTS website.
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