Annotation tools supported by HUIT Academic Technology

Academic Technology for FAS is currently piloting three annotation-related toolsets that can be added to Canvas course sites. Click below to learn more about each.






Jointly developed by HarvardX and the FAS Academic Technology Group, AnnotationsX is a feature-rich suite of multimedia annotation tools. This tool set is currently in use on campus and in HarvardX courses.

If you’d like to have students closely read a text, interact with each other, and exchange ideas prior to class, AnnotationsX may be for you. AnnotationsX supports public-private annotation and well as replies to annotations, so it can be used to share annotations between instructors and individual students and as an in-class discussion forum.

Once installed, AnnotationsX is accessed from the left navigation bar of your canvas site. To request access to AnnotationsX, please email


snapshot of the video annotation tool in AnnotationsX


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If you’d like your students to view a video and add time-based annotations, CritiqueIT may be for you.

This is useful for film courses, where students can be asked to watch film clips in the Canvas environment and comment on specific scenes.

CritiqueIt also has a rich set of tools for PDF and image annotation.

To request access to CritiqueIt, please email

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If you'd like your students to annotate their PDF and digital textbook readings, Perusall may be for you.  

To request access to Perusall, please email


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