Case Studies

Case Studies in Technological Use and Development

WordMapper: Multilingual Text Alignment and Annotation

WordMapper is a multilingual text annotation tool developed in 2016 by the Academic Technology for FAS team. The tool was originally designed to support the creation of annotations within side-by-side Greek/Arabic text, but can be adapted to other types of web content. Details on the application and its development are below. For more information, or to pilot this new browser-based alignment and annotation tool, contact Academic Technology for FAS at Read more about WordMapper: Multilingual Text Alignment and Annotation

Turning Point Technologies remote clicker

Using Clickers with Canvas

April 13, 2016

By Daniel Jamous, Senior Instructional Technologist for FAS ATG

One of the benefits resulting from the adoption of the Canvas Learning Management System has been the integration with third-party tools.

An example of this is the Turning Technologies clicker registration app. For several years, many courses in FAS, particularly in the Sciences, have used Turning Technologies clickers in the classroom to make lectures...

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