Introducing HUIT Academic Technology

August 5, 2016
Harvard University

With the conclusion of the two-year Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) Strategic Program, including the very successful University-wide implementation of Canvas, HUIT has reintegrated the TLT team with Academic Technology Services (AcTS) to form HUIT Academic Technology. In this exercise, we seized opportunities to realign AcTS to better support the teaching, learning and research needs of the University, and to meet HUIT’s fundamental goals to enhance IT service delivery at Harvard and provide greater support to our IT professionals.


Our mission is to provide Harvard faculty and students with teaching, learning, and research technology services that meet evolving needs on campus and online and cultivate communities of practice across the University. We do this by providing tools, platforms, and data; consulting and training; connecting users to other internal / external service providers; and facilitating communities of practice.


HUIT Academic Technology provides:

  • Direct support to FAS faculty, students, and the staff who support their teaching, learning, and research activities
  • Platforms and technology supported by partners in the graduate and professional schools
  • Partnership with other teaching and learning organizations at the University.

For more information, visit the Harvard University Information Technology website.

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