Digital Futures Discovery Series talk on Virtual Reality


Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 2:00pm to 3:00pm


Cabot Library Discovery Bar, Science Center 1st floor

Cabot Library and the Digital Scholarship Support Group warmly invite you to the first talk in the 2019-2020 Digital Futures Discovery Series.


Envisioning Culture(s)

This presentation will showcase a project in which four different Parisians from the same quarter were asked to document and share the stories of their lives with a virtual reality (VR) camera over the course of two months. These VR narratives allowed French students to see and experience only the architecture and cultural landmarks, but the diverse cultural practices and sites of Paris that were unexplored or unexpected. Through empirical data, this presentation will emphasize the power of VR in its ability to immerse students in culture(s) so that they can vividly envision the target culture by witnessing and experiencing it.


Nicole Mills is coordinator of the French Language Program at Harvard University where she teaches courses in French, language pedagogy, and second language research and practice. She has publications on various topics associated with virtual and simulated environments in language learning, curriculum development, psychology of language learning and teaching, and language program evaluation.