Fall 2017 Digital Teaching Seminar


Mon - Tue, Aug 28 to Aug 29, 9:00am - 2:00pm


Cabot Science Library Instructional Space (Science Center, 1 Oxford Street, Basement)

On August 28 and 29, the Digital Scholarship Support Group (DSSG), a collaboration between Academic Technology for FAS, the Digital History program, and the Harvard Library, will be offering the Fall 2017 iteration of its semi-annual two-day seminar on the use of digital methods in the classroom.

The seminar will provide a hands-on introduction to several approaches that have been used successfully in the past, including online exhibitions, annotations, timelines, and mapping. In each case, the discussion will be grounded in specific pedagogical examples and use cases.

Past participants have provided overwhelmintly positive feedback. One attendee said the seminar provided "a greater awareness of tools and resources that exist so that I a) will know where to go to make an assignment possible, and will be more conscious of what is available when I am thinking about designing an assignment." Another said that it offered "a really helpful introduction to a number of digital tools, with the additional beneifts of (1) feeling more oriented as to what tools are out there and (2) knowing that there are people that I can reach out to for more help," while another attendee declared, "I will certainly be referring to the tools and resources I learned about these past two days going forward in any future DiTF role I may have here at Harvard, but also any other teaching I may do."

Whether you will be teaching with digital tools for the first time in the coming semester, or have already been doing so for some time, this workshop provides a focused environment for improving your practice!

Lunch will be provided both days. To sign up, just fill out this form!