TurningPoint Clickers

ATG has a limited set of Turning Technologies clickers available to FAS courses through Cabot Library in the Science Center. Instructors interested in using this service should register their courses with ATG. We recommend doing so sufficiently in advance of the semester to guarantee there will be enough clickers to support the course. Students will then be able to check out a clicker for free at Cabot front desk (the same way they can check out a book) and be asked to return it at the end of the semester (otherwise they will be charged a fee).

There is no cost for instructors. They can get the software directly on the Turning Technologies website and the necessary hardware (Radio Frequency receivers) from ATG.

This page provides basic information on how to get started. If you have any questions at any time, just contact us at atg@fas.harvard.edu.

Examples of Harvard FAS Courses Using Turning Technologies

See links to course websites below (not a comprehensive list). Syllabi will often include information on how clickers are used in class (including their contributions, if at all, to grading). Unless otherwise noted, most recent course offerings will have the most updated information. Note also that some of these course websites may be restricted.

Getting Started: Instructors

Getting Started: Students

If you need assistance, please check with your instructor or TF first, and he or she will contact ATG if necessary.